STL wargame terrain and models for 3D printers!

Wasteland Outsiders – Our new project on Kickstarter!

Wasteland Outsiders is a range of 28-32mm miniatures for post-apocalyptic gang warfare tabletop games, and the EnCobertura’s first miniatures range designed for resin 3D printers. This first volume offers miniatures with a highly military aesthetic to represent mercenaries, deserters and soldiers of fortune, but with the ramshackle and improvised look of those who inhabit the wasteland. Follow the project and support it if you want get these models with a great promotional price!

Enjoy our digital section of STL wargame models for 3D printers! You will find both generic items, and specific projects previously published on Kickstarter.
We are currently working models for Sci-Fi wargames, but the offer will be growing up soon.
Visit this sections to find new and even free models for your wargames!

Transcending the scenery sector, we are starting a journey we have been looking forward to for many years: working on vehicles for 28mm science fiction wargames. Our first contact with this sector is going to be this project, COLOSUS, a post-apocalyptic land train formed by a brutal truck that pulls trailers and containers, specially designed for Necromunda: Ash Wastes. You can’t miss it!

  • Landtrain truck - Necromunda Ash Wastes Cargo-8 proxy for resin 3D printing

An evolution of our old Armoured Defences line from 2010. A landscape of ruined fortresses and barbed wire to represent a grueling battlefield. If you are looking for buildings, barricades, and fortifications, this is your line! Made mainly in acrylic resin and accessories in laser cut and metal. It has an exquisite level of detail and is easy to work with gouache and dry brush. Visit this new line!

IRON HIVE - Laser cut Necromunda Terrain and scenery

Our master line of plastic laser cutting. A system based on 5x5cm (2″x2″) squares to recreate a real jungle of steel structures, walkways, staircases… Easy to assemble, it is offered pre-painted, and admits huge conversion possibilities. Visit this line!