KickStarter – Pre-orders

As you know, we love to launch crowdfunding campaigns on KickStarter. However, these campaigns need previously made prototypes and stuff for photographs, videos, production tests… For that reason, we offer part of the future campaigns catalogue from pre-orders with discount vouchers, to motivate to those customes for trusting us intially.

How it works? The customers will receive a voucher to their account when they buy stuff which indicates this promotion. This voucher will have a 20% of that purchase value, and shall be used on the Pledge Manager of the crowdfunding campaign promoted exclusively (making almost the minimum pledge). These vouchers could be cumulative, but always for the same user account. If user don´t use it, they will be lost after the Pledge Manager period (two or three monts after campaign funds).

What happens if the crowdfunding never happens? In that hypothetical case, vouchers will be set to be used on the online shop, for the items related with that category at least (Villers-Bocage, Iron Battlefield II…). The last thing we want is trigger off upset, and that is why we will ensure that customers can full benefit of their vourchers.

How many time will be offered these vouchers? This will be indicated on each article, but it will be during the mounth in force.

For more information, feel free to contact us!!