[ENG] Dear backers, the campaign has finished!! Thank you very much for your support!!

What does happen now? well, you have here a schedule about how this project are going to run. As I publish in the #6 update, the project will be relaunched, but due the global situation, I don´t know exactly when. Probably, June could be a good moment, and I wouldn´t like to do it later. Surely, you have now lot of questions about your current involvement:

  • How do this relaunch affect your pledge times? Delivery time will be not affected. Production of the main plates will start as soon as possible, and actual backers will be the first to receive their pledges.
  • Have you got the stretch goals of relaunched or second edition? Yes, of course! that is the idea, to reach the highest goal possible, thanks to a better project display (updated pics, descriptive videos…), and wishing that the global situation improve about the Covid-19 crisis. Also, the early bird prices, and the Fidelity Goal will be exclusive of this first edition.
  • Will have the pledges the same price? Yes, of course. Relaunched edition will not have early birds similar than first edition. Early birds of second edition will be additional pieces which you will have for free from this first launch. In other words: any additional advantage available for the relaunched campaign will be included to the first backers for free.
  • When can I manage my pledge from the pledge manager? you can make it now on the first pledge manager (I´m working in that, for the next week will be available), or you can wait to the second one (for the relaunched campaign). If you do it now, you can modify it later, but I recommend do it from the Pledge Manager of the second campaign edition, because some new cool things will be added!!

Now, for me is time to update the model design with some small improvements (assemble, design…) and work more videos for the project (tutorials, assemble and construction guides…). I will keep you updated from this Updates section, the Facebook dedicated group (Iron Battlefield) and Instagram (encobertura.escenografia). Don´t hesitate to contact me directly if you need (

I thank you a lot for your support in this project, and I wish the best in these stranger days. A warm hug, Carlos Avilés.